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During this pandemic, times have been hard, but harder on some more than others.  We stand on God's mandate to help feed the hungry and those in need (James 2:15-16).  We are committed to providing for our communities needs, not only Spiritually, the greatest need of all, but physical needs as well.


All donations are needed and greatly appreciated.


Sustaining Fire Ministries is a 501C3 Organization characterized by Luke 4:18-19, compassion, sincerity, truth and integrity.  Our Mission is to minister freedom, working alongside Jesus to set people FREE from all bondages, all strongholds and all chains.  Our mission is for every son and daughter and for every soul that is lost. 

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is a Wife, Pastor, Bible School Graduate and Founder of Sustaining Fire Ministries.  As an anointed and appointed vessel of God, Vanisia pursues the calling on her life, daily, to ignite the fire of God in people's lives and bring life changing Word to dying and hopeless nations. She is skillful and insightfully balanced in the teaching of God's Word and mightily used in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Vanisia currently serves at Destiny Community Church Intl. under Pastors Charley and Linda Gallegos.


As the Lord allows Pastor Vanisia teaches countless hurting and abused men and women in homeless shelter's, preaches at many conferences, revivals, and churches, and leads small group sessions held in homes and various locations as well as her local church, restoring hope to the hopeless, rebuilding lives that have been shattered and broken.  She is an anointed prayer warrior who prays with precision and power. 


Her hope for each annual Sustaining Fire Ministries Conference is NOT for people to be "entertained" bstrong emotions, good worldly opinions, great music and "Christianese".  The Kingdom  of God is at hand and it's time for us all to begin entertaining our Father in Heaven with truth, honesty and an understanding of why Jesus died for us and why we must die for Him.

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